Anti-Aging: LED Light Therapy benefits tired, aging skin: It also helps with the softening of lines, folds and wrinkles, healthier circulation, increased moisture and radiance, accelerated skin repair, improved elasticity and skin texture, as well as stimulating the collagen process, naturally.

Hyper-Pigmentation: Age spots, freckles, uneven pigmentation due to sun exposure. Most cases of skin hyper-pigmentation even out over time from the use of LED Light therapy.

Acne & Blemished: LED Light therapy can assist in the repair of acne and blemished because it stimulates the skin’s natural healing process and helps to kill bacteria caused by Acne.

Which Color should you choose for your treatment?

Green light is absorbed into the skin where it has a calming effect. Helping to lighten hyper-pigmentation spots revealing a brighter complexion. The calming effect also has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the surface of the skin. Green LED Therapy is used to treat dilated capillaries, sagging skin around the eyes, under eye circles, and hyper-pigmentation and sun spots.

Yellow light reduces the appearance of redness, swelling, and inflammation. This color of light is beneficial for Rosacea and treating burns such as sunburns. Also stimulates the production of red blood cells in the skin and is effective in treating abnormal pigmentation (hypo & hyper), improving lymphatic function, and stimulating circulation.

Purple LED light therapy increases cell regeneration. Helping to decrease the telomeres of DNA in the cell to essentially bring it back to a stem cell-like (brand new cell) state so that it can divide and create new and regenerated cells.

Red LED Light, has the ability to reach down into all the layers of the skin where it rejuvenates, stimulates collagen production, prompts cellular repair, and increases circulation promoting a more vibrant and youthful complexion. Red LED Lights work synergistic-ally to deliver optimal skin rejuvenation. This combination of Photon lights is ideal for deeper lines and wrinkles, scarring, promoting a more event skin tone, and burning fat.

Blue LED light has been proven to have powerful anti-bacterial properties that have the ability to kill the acne causing bacteria, to prevent and treat acne. Blue light also helps to purify the skin, stabilize oil glands, and soothe inflammation.

Cyan LED Light therapy enhances cell energy and has a good metabolism and facilitating effect. Using green and blue light to prevent acne, purify the skin, and has a calming effect that has anti-inflammatory properties to soothe the surface of the skin.

White LED Light using the full light spectrum penetrates the skin deeply to accelerate the tissue metabolism, correct and even skin discolorations, improve the appearance of fine lines and aging skin, and also kills bacteria that cause spots and pimples helping to prevent breakouts and minimizes scaring.

A gentle process by which energy is delivered to the skin and is absorbed by the cells for therapeutic benefits through a process called “photo-stimulation” The various energy photon wavelengths penetrate the skin progressing through each color to stimulate different metabolic activities, providing the energy cells need to activate production of new collagen and elastin and increases circulation; leaving your skin healthier and younger looking.